Since beer was created, it was extended to different countries and cultures. In every country of the world we will find popular beers and also local craft ones. Argentina is not the exception, this is why we are going to show you some places to enjoy craft beer.

If you did some research about Buenos Aires, you are going to know that Palermo is where most of  the night lifetime is developed. This big neighborhood of Buenos Aires used to be a residential district, but as a politic to decentralize the offer, lots of companies and shops moved to other areas of the city. This was the rebirth of Palermo as a popular district, cradle of pub crawls. 

Some breweries in Palermo that you can go are:

  • Morante Brew Bar: Godoy Cruz 1781
  • Kunstmann: Honduras 5080
  • On Tap: Costa Rica 5527
  • Baum: Honduras 5720

Make sure that you check the happy hours!

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