free tour buenos aires


As we told you before, in Buenos Aires we are going to find a lot of parks to enjoy the day. Earlier, we designed a free tour around the Ecological Reserve in Puerto Madero, so now where are going to offer you a walk through Palermo Parks.

Palermo is the biggest district of Buenos Aires and we can divide it in two, the residential zone and the parks. There are a lot of green areas where you can spend a nice day surrounded by nature.

You can begin the free tour in Plaza Ecuador (Dorrego and Alcorta) and walk straight through different paths. You will find an artificial lake called Lago Regatas and around this lake you will see a lot of benches to rest and enjoy the view of the place. You will notice a big amount of birds and ducks.  Also, on one side of the lake there is a bar where you can stop for a drink and a snack.

Later, you can visit Barrio Chino, China Town, and have dinner in one of the many restaurants that you will find around there.  Have a nice walk!

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