The aim of this post is to talk about important information about Buenos Aires, for example if it is safe, how does tip work, electricity, wifi, amongst other topics.

In other posts we talk about the weather in Buenos Aires, how to get around and how to get from the airport to the city.

Language in Argentina

In Buenos Aires, in the entire Argentina and in most of the countries in south America, the main language is Spanish. Depending on the province of Argentina you visit you will notice that every place has their own particular words and pronunciations.

In Buenos Aires we make a sound in the ll and Y, but in other provincies as La Rioja or San Juan they do it in the double R. Also spanish in Argentina is different from the one in Spain and other south american countries.

CurrencyArgentine peso

Argentina has it’s own currency, the Argentine peso. You can check the rates of the currencies in the National Bank’s website. You can get cash from ATM’s and exchange in official exchange offices. In downtown of Buenos Aires you will find a lot of offices and also in every shopping mall.


Buenos Aires is a safe city but some basic recommendations are needed. Mind you belongings to avoid pick pockets in crowded places and don’t expose unnecesarily expensive electronics or goods. By no means go for a walk wearing a Rolex Clock or extremely luxurious things. Check this post to see advantages and disadvantages of every touristy neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

Public Transport

The Metro Network is easy to understand and will take you almost everywhere you need. Buses are big and comfortable and locals are very friendly in helping you getting around. For more info chek our article on How to get aroung in Buenos Aires.


We tip a waiter, barman, guide or a person who carry our luggage. Tip is not included in the bill and we usually give 10% of the bill.

Electricity and Internet

In Argentina we use:Plug Argentina

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Plug type: C / I

Voltage ArgentinaInternet signal is normally good in Buenos Aires. Hotels, hotels, bars and restaurants offer free wifi. And lately the government offers free wifi in subway stations and in some parks

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