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In the last 5 years street art has been emerging and has become another feature of the city of Buenos Aires. Fortunately we can find colorful walls highlighted in different streets of the city, illuminating and adding joy to the different neighborhoods of the city.

Street art began with graffitti, questioned by the society and the authorities, but eventually were  accepted as pieces of art. Nowadays you can see murals and graffities in every corner of the city.

Street art emerged in the 1970s in the United States. With the passage of time was expanded to other countries in different continents. In Argentina, one of the forerunners was Alfredo Segatori starting with graffiti, and spray in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Villa Urquiza, Coghlan and San Telmo.

Gradually many residents are accepting the request of the artists to paint their walls and that is why is becoming more popular. There is also a law from 2009 that allow it, always with the consent of the owner. Governments also accept this art opening the doors to artists such as abandoned trains or to paint walls of public buildings.

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